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             Hi Friends, This is Washim Raja, owner, and author of Digital Doubt. “About me” telling in several lines is a very monotonous situation to me, Its looks like so ironic to say that how can few line can express my past 30 years. In my belief neither I can express myself, nor you can understand me by this very few word. However “Little knowledge is a very dangerous thing” even I feel proud remembering, I got certified as a Electronics and telecommunication engineer. I loved much to spend time with my friends as well with my colleague. Why not you join me on Facebook for more fun and gossip. I also love to be on Twitter to hear you. 

                      Digital Doubt is specially designed to share knowledge about what I have learned from my experience or till learning about the technology which is refreshing every moment as a newborn.

Whereas Computer, The Internet and Social Network is the leading knowledge sharing the theme of Digital Doubt, beside You will also find great tips and tricks for the successfully running a blog and search engine optimization. Windows, Android, Macintosh, IOS these are so popular that I can't stay away from sharing about their new technology invention and whereby to use them?

Software, tweaking, and customization always drive me crazy; I need to make sure how much these Softwares, Tweaking, and Customisation tips and tricks will turn you like a crazy.?

Besides all of these I love to play Carrom, Chess, and Cricket when I am away from blogging. 

Thank You for visiting Digital Doubt.

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