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Completely remove footer credits from Blogger Template

Blogger is the best free blogging platform for the newbie blogger. In every way, blogger is the simplest way to start a new blog for a kick start. Look and feel is one of the big factors to run a successful blog. Thousands of free blogger template is available online today. These themes are customizable according to user need and optimized for best performance. But, there is a small problem you must keep the template developer credit link or footer credits link intact to the blogger template if you want to use their free blogger template.

Completely remove footer credits from Blogger Template

              The most secure way to remove these footer credit link from blogger template is buying the blogger theme from the developer. It's cost around 10$-20$ only for most blogger template. Buying is secure because you are not violating the creative commons rules, and you are supporting the developer also for their hard work. Besides, you can get free support from the template developer also. Till, if you want to remove the footer credits from blogger template read carefully to hide or delete the footer credits from blogger template.

              Most newbie bloggers do not want to invest on their new blog to buy a blogger template for some reason, or just they are unable to pay. A few years ago I was also one of them and didn`t want to spend money (Actually I was then unable to bear the small amount even it was to buy a custom domain name for my blog). Before hiding or removing the credits link from blogger template, I would like to update you few things.

What is a footer credit link for blogger template?

              Footer credit link is an outbound link to the template developer website or a template design copyright link redirecting to the template designer site. As a free blogger template user, you are giving a free backlink to the blogger theme developer website. If you do not wish to give that backlink to the developer sites then either you have to buy the theme from the developer for a footer credit free blogger template or need to remove the footer credit link from the blogger template.

              There is no advantage of keeping the footer credits for blogger template for a free blogger template user. The disadvantage is you are providing an unwanted backlink to the template developer website.

              Do not try to edit or delete or remove the footer credits link from blogger template if you are not aware how to remove completely footer credits from blogger template. Otherwise editing or removing the footer credits will automatically redirect to the template developer website when you or someone visits your blog.

How to hide footer credits from blogger template?

              Hiding footer credits link from blogger template does mean your blog reader will not see the credit link when they visit your blog, but the footer credit link will be there in the background, and you are till providing the backlink to the template developer website. Here how to hide the footer credits link from blogger template.

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1. Login to your blogger dashboard.
2. Clicks on the Template from the left side.
3. Clicks on the Edit HTML from the right side pane.

Template Edit HTML

              Now the find the footer credit link in the blogger HTML. It will look similar to the below screenshot. You can search the template HTML code by click inside and press CTRL+F and search by keywords like Designed By, Created By, Template Designed By, Powered By, etc.

Example - Footer Credits

              Now add the code style='visibility:hidden' just after the class like shown in the bellow screenshot. It will hide the footer credits from blogger template.

Hide Code Example

How to completely remove footer credits link from blogger template?

              Footer credits links are created and connected with some encrypted JavaScript code. You need to find out those encrypted JavaScript and delete those JavaScript to remove completely footer credits from a template. These encoded JavaScript do either restore the footer credits into the blogger template or redirect to the developer website when someone tries to visit your blog. 

              Editing of blogger template is a crucial part so you should make a backup of your template before doing any experiment.

              To make backup of your live blog template go to:

              Blogger Dashboard > Template > Click on Backup/Restore button > Download Full Template

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              Now again go to template Edit HTML mode and find the encoded JavaScript code similar to the bellow screenshot and delete (From var to the end of the JavaScript Code)them. After deleting the encoded JavaScript delete the "Example-Footer Credits" part HTML code to remove completely, footer credits link from blogger template or theme.

Encrypted JavaScript
Encrypted JavaScript Example

              Different blogger theme developer place this encoded or encrypted JavaScript in different places so you have to determine which is the right code connected to the footer credits link. You may not be successful every time, but this is the procedure to remove completely footer credits link from blogger template. Check all those JavaScript presents in your blogger template definitely; you will find one similar to the "Example-Footer Credits."

              Share your feedback in the comment. If you need any more help or information regarding "How to remove footer credits link from blogger template" then write me via "Contact Form."

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              If you can purchase blogger theme, then please support the theme developer by buying the template. This article was written only for education purpose.

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Yes It works, But before making any change to your template please take backup first.

you are a pro bro thanks it works....please visit also my blog i have cool stuff also

can you pls help me to edit this one...i tried to remove cdata but it ruins the look of my webpage

here's the link to my template :-

Hi Rutwik, I have checked your template file. Yes, You can completely remove the Credit link. Contact me via the Contact Form for more help.