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How to submit a blog xml sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Today's article main memorandum are how to submit a blog XML sitemap to Google webmaster tools or Google search console, has reintroduced as Google search console in the year, 2015. But, before going forward how to submitting our blog`s XML sitemap to Google Webmaster tools we should know a little bit about Google search console or Google webmaster tools and a blog sitemap.

How to submit a blog xml sitemap to google webmaster tools

What is Google Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console?

Google search console formerly known as Google webmaster tools is used to indexing and crawling our blog and websites. Without indexing your blog and websites, you are missing a massive organic traffic. It is free to use master tools serviced by Google Inc. for webmaster and site owners and bloggers to analyze and rectify various things like search analysis, your strategic content keyword ranking, blog or website structured data analysis, data highlighter and so on.

What is a sitemap?

An XML sitemap contains all the direct URL connected with your blog or website domain name, published or last modified date and time of an article, XML version, etc. A blogger blog owner can directly access to see what their sitemap file contains using a URL ( and those who have added a custom domain name for their blog can use URL as in the browser address bar.

Why should submit blog sitemap to Google Search Console?

Submitting a blog sitemap to Google search console means we are helping Google bot to crawl and index our blog in the search engine Google. Indexing and crawling of a blog or website are directly dependent on how you have configured your robot.txt file. You can check your robot.txt file configuration from Google Search console tool also.

Google Search Console Account and Login

Create your Google Search Console Account using your Google Account username and password. Add your blog or website as property and complete the ownership verification process using one of five methods. If you need help, read here how to verify blog ownership in Google Search Console Tool.

Submitting a blog XML sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool

Assuming you have completed the blog ownership verification, we are going toward how to submit a blog XML sitemap file to Google search console. Now, Sign into you Google search console account and follow these steps.

Submit blog XML sitemap file to GSC
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          1. Click on Dashboard from the left side menu of Google search console.
          2. Scroll down and clicks on Crawl to expand.
          3. Click on the Sitemaps.
          4. Now you can see there an Add/Test Sitemap red colored button. Click on it.
          5. Type sitemap.xml in the box.
          6. Click on Submit to complete your blog XML sitemap submission to Google Search Console.

Note: Submitting sitemap does not effect on your SERP ranking, however, you can analyze your Google search console data how to improve your SEO to stand on the top on the search engine ranking page. Indexing your blog can take some time from few days to few weeks after submitting your blog sitemap to Google search console. So keep patience.

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