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Block Internet Access to Specific Program On Windows 7,8 and 10

Downloaded software and applications are by default allowed to use the internet connection on Windows computer. Some downloaded program software contains third party application sponsorship and advertisement, perhaps most of them are the free downloaded software and application. If you connect to the internet, and you run those programs, they are using your internet connection in the background and shows advertisement. Either in the beginning after opening the application or at the middle of work or the end of work. It looks annoying and irritating and ends up with uninstalling those applications or software.

Block internet access to specific program on windows pc

              Those who have a bit of basic knowledge of computer operating system may know how to get rid of background internet data access on a Windows Computer. A bit of tweaking with the firewall in the computer operating system can stop internet access of unwanted application software in Windows Computer. Here a step by step procedure to block those applications or software or programs from accessing unprecedented internet data access on Windows 7,8 and 10.

Block Internet Access To Specific Program On Windows 7, 8 and 10

Step 1. Open Firewall Settings

              To open RUN command on your computer press on START+R. Now type firewall.cpl and press ENTER to open the FIREWALL window. This procedure works on Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems to open FIREWALL. To block Internet access to a particular program on a Windows computer you need to create an inbound rule and outbound rule. Click on the Advanced settings to open Firewall Advanced Settings and Security window to create or modify the rule.

Firewall advanced settings

Create an Inbound Firewall Rule to Block Internet Access

              From the left side of the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security settings window click on the Inbound Rules (As shown on Screenshot) and next click on the new rule to create a new Inbound rule.

Firewall advanced and security settings window

Select Rule Type to Block Internet Access

              Make sure you have selected the radio button for the program on the rule type window. Click on the next button to move forward to create the rule.

Select Rule Type

Select Program to Block Internet Access

              Click on the Browse button to select a program from the program installed directory for which you want to block the Internet access. Click on next to continue.

Program Selection

Select Rule Action

              Now select an Action to apply to the created rule. To block the internet access for the chosen program click on the radio button to use Action from Allow the connection to Block the connection. Click Next to continue.

Select Action Window

Profile Selection

              Select your Computer profile environment or leave as default selection and Click Next to continue.

Select profile type

Rules Name and Description

              Type a rule name for the selected program and write a description (Optional). Click on Finish to complete the rule creation.

Rule name and description

              You have successfully created an inbound rule to block inbound internet access for the selected program now create an outbound rule to block outbound access to the web following the above step used to create an inbound rule. Just click on Outbound rule then click on New Rule and follow the same step used in Inbound rule.

Additional Info

              Click on your created rule from the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security window to view or modify your created rule. You can enable or disable a rule if you need to allow or block access. You can delete, copy or cut a rule also.

Additional info

              Hope you have enjoyed these steps to block internet access to a particular program on Windows computer. These steps are all same to work on a Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 operating system to block internet access for a program.

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