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Ever Needed Free And Premium Tools Before Publishing A Blog

Blogging is a splendid idea to offer more insight into your company philosophy, realizing your idea, engaging potential customer and community in building your online presence. Assume you are blogging to showcase your personal interest or to develop better customer relationship all you need engaging the potential visitor to be a successful blogger.

Ever Needed Free And Premium Tools To Publish A Blog

              To reach out more people, you need a structured and organized blog. An organized blog uses several free and premium online and offline tools to publish their blog.

              There are thousands different web pages present online stating about these tools, but when I started my first blog I haven`t found these tools in one place. I have surfed over hundreds of web pages to knew these tools and techniques. As a novice blogger, you must know and need these tools before publishing your blog.

              So I have decided no more difficulties for beginner blogger to find out these tools and shared these ever needed free and premium tools on one web page to publish a blog successfully. These tools will offer you increase your SEO ranking; keyword research, analyze your blog data, error detection and manual action you need as a webmaster and much more.

              I have described here a step by step depth in the guide from the beginning to the end to set up a successful blog. Let's start with the blogging platform.

Blogging Platform:

              There are plenty of blogging platform available depending on either the used technologies or open source or premium and proprietary blogging platform from the well-known organization. These are few traditional weblog platform to choose one from them. Most of the tool I have included here are best suited for Google Blogger serviced Blogspot platform.

              Blogger (Subsidiary of Google Inc.)
              WordPress (Open Source, Available both in free and premium, By Automatic Inc.)
              Tumblr (Available both in free and premium, By Yahoo Inc.)
              Typepad (Premium)
              Squarespace (Premium)

Google Analytics:

              Google Analytics integration on a blog is essential. The free version of Google Analytics offers you so much useful data that you do not need to go for Google Analytics Premium service (Google Analytics 360). If you are running an e-commerce or enterprise blog, then you should go for Google Analytics Premium.

              Google Analytics provide detail statistics about your visitors, who are they, what are they looking for, where are they from, goal conversion, pageview and session details and much more.

              Integration of Google Analytics on a blog is very simple. Sign up with your Google Account username and password to get a Google Analytics Account, Add your blog as property, Note the Google Analytics Property ID of the respective blog and add on your blog.

              To add a Google Analytics Property ID on a Blogger blog, Sign into your Blogger Dashboard>Settings>Other>Analytics Web Property ID >Save Settings.

Webmaster Tools:

              If the search engine does not index your blog, you will miss a lot of visitors from organic traffic as it will not include your blog in search engine result page when people are searching on the search engine.

              Here I have used the headings as Webmaster Tool is where you need your blog to add for indexing in the desired search engine. Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tool, Yandex Webmaster Tool are the primary webmaster tools to monitor and examine a blog or website indexing, crawling data, errors and manual action needed for the webmaster.

              Here is the link to add your blog to the respective search engine. You need an account to sign into each webmaster tool. These services are free to use.

              Google Search Console, Indexing search engine - Google
              Bing Webmaster Tool, Indexing search engine - Bing, Yahoo.
              Yandex Webmaster Tool, Indexing search engine - Yandex.

Blogger Template or Theme:

              Choosing a template for your blog is a very crucial part. Every blog has own definition in the sense of content management. A well-designed theme should have these minimum qualities, SEO Optimized, Mobile Friendly, Responsive, Well page speed score both on a mobile and desktop device, Well designed structured data, etc.  Thousands of websites are available that are sharing template or themes from the skilled developer and designers, but I have found these are few sites are most useful to find a perfect relevant template for your blog.

              WordPress Theme Directory (WordPress Theme, Free, and Premium)
              Themeforest (Premium Theme Publisher)
              Gooyaabi Templates (Free and Premium Theme Publisher)
              CSS Author (Free and Premium Theme Publisher)

              Recommend For You: Best free responsive blogger template

Responsiveness Test Tool:

              Users of mobile devices increase rapidly over the last few years. The search engine algorithm also has been changed a lot with this growth variation of using different screen size. It is now the most matter of concern that having a responsive design template for your blog or website is essential. Most search engines love to index a responsive design blog faster than a non-responsive design blog.

              Responsinator is a free tool that you can use to check your blog responsiveness on different screen size. You can see there how will your blog display on various screen resolution.

Mobile-Friendly Test Tool:

              You can find Mobile friendliness tool is available as a part of Google webmaster tool Google search console. This tool will help you to analyze blogs mobile friendliness and which part of your blog should need an optimization for a better result in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) or engage your potential visitor. The comprehensive list of the Mobile-Friendly Test tool is here.

              1. Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool
              2. Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool New
              3. Bing Mobile-Friendly Test Tool
              4. readyMobi
              5. W3C Mobile Checker

Google Structured Data Testing Tool:

              Well designed structured data websites and blogs performed well in the search engine result page. Google Structured Data Testing Tool lets you analyze your blogs structure data, code snippet and suggest for the best optimization need. Any error in structure data in your blog may violate the search engine king Google Webmaster Policies hence your blog will not be well crawled by the search engine bot, and the result may the search engine will not include your blog in the SERP. The pro bloggers rapidly use these two tools.

              1. Google Structured Data Testing Tool
              2. Structured Data Linter

Page Speed Check Tool:

              Would you like to browse a blog that takes too much time to load on a device? The answer is strict NO; no one will. A slow page speed will only increase your bounce rate. So before publishing your blog make sure that your blog takes as much possible less time to load on a device. Here these online tools can help you to analyze your current page speed score and suggest you the possible way to increase your page speed.

              1. Google PageSpeed Insight
              2. GTMetrix
              3. Pingdom
              4. WEBPAGETEST

Content Writing Tool:

              No one can beat your SEO rank if your content is unique and fresh. There are thousands of online and offline tools is available. However, I have included here only three content writing and managing tool that every blogger must try for once.

              Open Live Writer: Open Live Writer is an open source content writing software alternative and very similar to Windows Live Writer. You can write and design your content in offline mode and later you can publish in one click. It supports most of the popular blog platform.

              Grammarly: Grammarly is a spell check tool. We often missed to notice our typing mistake and published our article. To get rid of this silly mistake we should use Grammarly. Grammarly will do more than correcting a misspelled word. It`s a good option to find a synonym with a double click. Rectify thousands of grammatical mistake, plagiarism check; vocabulary enhancement suggestion is few quick info about Grammarly. Grammarly has both with free and premium service. Free services are limited to error handling functionality, and premium service provides extra functionality. The Grammarly extension bests suited on the most modern browser. Get your first-week premium service here installing Grammarly on your favorite browser.

              Copyscape: Copyscape is a plagiarism check online tool. Plagiarism is a copy paste content from one site to another. Never do a copy of other work as it will hurt your SEO rank. Creating an original content not only will help you increase your site rank on SEO parameter but also it will contribute to building your brand.

Keyword Research Tool:

              Without proper keyword research, your content may not perform well in search engine rank page. I have already shared what should be the keyword research strategy to rank well on SEO. These free and trial tools will help you to find the perfect keyword for your next blog post.

              1. Google Keyword Planner.
              2. Ubersuggest.
              3. Hittail.
              4. Semrush

SEO Optimization Tool:

              SEO is the most indispensable part of a blog. An improper search engine optimized blog will never appear on the first page of the SERP. These are few modern tools to analyze quickly how well your page SEO optimized and how can you enhance your page SEO.

              1. SEOquake: SEOquake is a browser extension to watch and analyze your page SEO score, Google index data, Alexa rank, Bing index data, Social share data and much more.

              2. MozBar: The MozBar Chrome extension lets you create custom searches, quick expose page elements, highlight links, and keywords, compare link metrics and access other powerful SEO Tools. You need a premium account to get more data on this extension.

              3. WooRank: WooRank SEO and Website Analysis is another Chrome extension to analyze SEO of any given site.

              4. Chkme: Chkme is a very useful online site to know your SEO rank instantly.

              It was very few but useful tool to enhance your SEO at a glance however if you want more reliable SEO analysis you can go for WEBCEO and SEO Powersuite Premium service. This two are best in the SEO market.

Domain Registration and Name Suggestion: 

              Using a third party URL on a blogger blog or adding a custom domain name for your blog is an essential part to show your organization or individual interest and brand value. These are few well-known domain registration company.

              1. Bigrock
              2. GoDaddy
              3. 1and1
              4. BlueHost
              5. Hostgator
              6. Google (Available only in the US)

              Domain Name Suggestion Website:

              2. Name Mesh
              3. Dynadot
              4. DomainsBot
              5. DomainIt

Social Sharing Tool:

              Share content on the social network site is the most convenient way to reach out the new visitor. There are lots of site and widgets are available to share content easily on the social network, so it's very hard to include those all sites and widgets here. I have included here few familiar name.

              Social Network Site Name:

              1. Facebook
              2. Twitter
              3. Google Plus
              4. Linkedin
              5. Pinterest
              6. Digg
              7. StumbleUpon
              8. YouTube

              Social Share Widget Creation Site:

              1. Get Site Control
              2. AddThis

              Content Share Website Name:

              1. IFTTT (Automate Content Sharing
              2. Viral ContentBuzz

              Summary: That's all the things every blogger should do before publishing their blog. These tools and extensions are made to perfect your blogging. I have personally tested all the tools and got an extensive output. However some of them I have discontinued using as they are nearly similar to each other. Now try these tool and how useful you have found it provide your feedback in the comment box.

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