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Enable My Computer AKA This PC Icon on Windows 10

By default, only Recycle Bin icon is available on the desktop after a fresh installation of Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10 is the latest desktop platform operating system release by the Microsoft Corporation with a new look and other inline muscular change.

Enable My Computer AKA This PC on Windows 10

          I am a big fan of having My Computer, and the Control Pannel icon displayed on my desktop for quick access to file explorer and computer settings respectively. But, easily I didn`t found the My Computer and Control Pannel icon. As I am a little bit Windows look and feel customization savvy, I was installing a new theme after installing Windows 10. I saw an option to enable My Computer AKA This PC on Windows 10.

          I thought there may be many Windows 10 users who are looking for how to enable My Computer AKA This PC icon on their desktop. So here I have shared the way you can enable My Computer, Control Pannel, Network and Users icon on your Windows 10 desktop.

Enable My Computer AKA This PC on Windows 10

You can not be able to personalize your Windows 10 PC until you activate your Windows 10 purchase. Before proceeding activate your Windows 10 OS from here. Click on Start Menu then Settings then Update and Security then Activation then Change Product Key

          Assuming you have already activated you Windows 10 OS and have access to the personalise settings. Now follow the steps to enable My Computer, This PC in Windows 10 and other icons.

          1. Right click on Desktop.
          2. Click on Personalise.


          3. On the Personalisation window clicks on Themes.
          4. From the right side of Themes option, click on Desktop icon settings.

Personalisation Window

          5. On the Desktop Icon Settings window puts a tick mark in the respective square box of the icons you want to show on the desktop.

Desktop Icon Settings

          All done, You have now enabled My Computer AKA This PC icon on Windows 10 PC. Share this with your friend of you find helpful. Maybe your friend still looking for how to enable My Computer icon on their Windows 10 PC. Subscribe Digital Doubt via mail to get stuff like this directly in your mailbox. You will receive a mail everytime from us when we publish something new.

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