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How do you add a custom domain name for your Blogspot blog

Google Blogspot is the best blogging platform for the beginners as it offers a plenty of free storage space for hosting our files and data. There is two way we can publish our blog on blogger either hosting on a free Blogspot domain or hosting on our custom domain. Here in the how do you add a custom domain name for your Blogspot blog article we will stick to our free Blogspot hosting, however, will add a custom domain name to make our Blogspot blog looks classy.

How do you add a custom domain name for your Blogspot blog

              Having a Custom domain name for your blog is as classy as it will add some good advantages to your blog. So, before setting up a custom domain name for your blog let me address some doubt about custom domain name and free domain name. Google Blogspot blog offers you a free domain name when you will create a blog. For instance, I shall use a free Blogspot hosted domain name "" and later in this post I shall add a custom domain name "" registered on Bigrock for this free domain name.

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Advantages of having a custom domain name for your Blogspot blog:

              How do feel when you will see my custom domain name at the Internet browser address bar instead of the Blogspot free domain name ""

              Your first impression about the blog will be that it has a very simple to remember blog URL. The first advantage of using a custom domain name you will get a simple to remember URL. It will be easy to remember your blog URL for your targeted visitor.

              When you have a custom domain name addressed for your blog, it will also show your persistence about your blog. Because no one is like to play with their hard earned money as the custom domain name registration will cost around 11-12$ per yaar on Bigrock. This cost varies from domain registration company to company.

              We got the second advantage of having a custom domain name that is trust of quality delivery on our targeted visitor mind.

              This one is one of the most important, your blog presence on the social network. Social network brings you lots of targeted visitor to your blog, but when someone see a free Blogspot name on the shared content, they simply ignore free Blogspot domain.

              So here is a question, why they ignore free Blogspot domain blog? Because many newbie bloggers want to run a blog on their favorite niche. And, they choose Blogspot blog as it is free and has a plenty of free storage space. But they failed to achieve their dream, and the blog turns left as a spamming blog.
              OK, now moving forward to add a custom domain name for your blog.

              Assume you have bought a custom domain name for your blog and in running status, also you have created a Blogspot blog and now in operating condition. Those who are still thinking to purchase a custom domain name, I shall highly recommend them to buy from Bigrock as they will provide the custom email address access on successful domain name registration.

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Step by step guide to add a custom domain name for your blog:

Requirements for the custom domain name setup for blog:

              Blogspot Blog.
              Purchased domain name.
              Four A Name record IP Address.
              Two CNAME records.
              Little technical knowledge or follow the tutorial strictly.

What is A Name record IP Address?

              The "A Name" record maps a name to one or more known and stable IP Addresses.
We will use four A Name record IP Address to redirect free Blogspot name to our custom domain name. Note the IP Addresses below.


What is CNAME record?

              The "CNAME" record maps a name to another name. It should only use when there are no other records for that name. The CNAME record is unique. If there is no A Name record and CNAME record present on your DNS server, you will not be able to add the custom domain name. You will get the following error as shown in the screenshot.

Error screenshot without domain authority

How to Add A Name record on Bigrock?

Assuming have a purchased domain name on Bigrock login to your Bigrock account and click and select your domain name from the order list.

Select domain name from list order

You would now need to scroll down to DNS Management and click on "Manage DNS".

DNS Management

You will by default be under A Records. Click on Add A Record to add A Record IP Address.

Click on Add A Record

Now leave the hostname blank and enter in the IP Address destination. Do not make changes to the Time to Live (TTL) value and click on Add A Record.

Adding A Record IP Address

Add rest of three IP Address to the A Records IP Address destination field following the above step.

Four IP Address listing on A Records

Now add CNAME record, you will find CNAME Records tab on the same page of the DNS management. Click on CNAME Records tab to add a CNAME record. In the host name type www and the value, field type and click on Add Record.

Add CNAME Record

Now login to your blogger account and go to Settings on the left-hand side and under the settings click on Basic.

Under Publishing click on + Setup a third party URL for your blog and type your purchased domain name as I have purchased for this demonstration. Click on Save after entered your custom domain name.

Adding third party URL

You will get an error from the Blogger like below. You will need to Add this two CNAME record to your DNS Management settings on the Bigrock.

Error screenshot without domain authority

Already we have added the first CNAME record on the DNS management settings on Bigrock. Now copy the second CNAME record and Add a new CNAME record on the DNS management settings on your Bigrock own custom domain name following the above CNAME record adding the step.

Add Second CNAME Record

After added the two CNAME Record. To get propagated it will take approximately 4 to 6 hours. After that press the Save button in the Blogger settings to save your custom domain name configuration.

Now you have setup but if someone tries to search for just on the browser will not be able to reach you. For this, you will need to create a redirect from to

Click on edit next to the domain name under Settings >> Basic. Just check the box which redirects to and then click on Save.

Redirect to www.domain

Well, you have now successfully added a custom domain name for your blog. Good luck for your blog. Leave a comment if you find any difficulties. If you love this post share with your friend on the social network.

Source: Google Support

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