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Maximum accepted Google AdSense Ad Unit per Page

Congrats on your Google Adsense account approval. So, What next? Now, put your Google AdSense ad unit on your page. You will earn money when your visitor will visit your ad impression or click on your published AdSense ad unit. More AdSense ad unit means more ad impression and more money making. Wait, don’t go so first. Your AdSense account may get permanently banned if you violate maximum accepted Adsense ad unit placement policy. Get confused; I have summarized maximum accepted or allowed Google AdSense ad unit that you can place on your web page without violating any Adsense policies.

Maximum accepted adsense ad unit per page

Types of Adsense ad unit:

               There are three types of AdSense ad unit you can use to publish an ad on your web page.

1. Content Ad Unit
2. Link Ad Unit
3. Custom Search Ad Unit.
4. Page level Ad Unit.

A. Content Ad Unit.

               The content ad unit is the most popular and clicked Adsense ad unit. Maximum accepted content ad unit on a web page is three. Which include a maximum no of large skyscraper ad unit of maximum 300x600 pixel, basically used on your website sidebar. According to my opinion, the best combination of AdSense ad unit is using a leaderboard 728x90 pixel content ad unit, a banner ad unit of 970x90 and large skyscraper 300x600 pixel. Using of large rectangle ad unit of 336x280 pixel or an ad unit of medium rectangle 300x250 pixel in the post also, attract visitor attraction.

B. Link Ad Unit.

               You can use maximum three link ad unit on your web page. Link ad unit is a combination of hyperlinked advertise. Link ad unit well suited with an ad in the page. Link ad unit generates ad unit hyperlinked promote based on the content. Link ad units are pay per click advertisement.

C. Custom Search Ad Unit.

               The custom search engine is using the core search engine technology from Google to let your visitor get a fine tuning search result on what they are looking for on your website. A webmaster can customize the custom search engine according to meet their exact need. Custom search ad unit will start show advertisement when your visitor searches through your custom search engine, and you will make money when your visitor clicks on the advertisement displayed on the search result. Maximum of two custom search ad unit can be applicable as per Google Adsense ad unit placement policy.

D. Page Level Ad Unit.

               The page level ad unit is in beta mode and applicable only to the mobile device. The page level ad unit ad placement is one-time code implementation procedure. Google Adsense will start to provide ad after successful code implementation on your site or blog.


1. Content ad unit maximum of three no in a web page.
2. Link ad unit maximum of three no in a web page.
3. Custom search engine ad unit maximum of two no in a web page.
4. Page level ad unit one per page (One-time code implementation – Beta mode)

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