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How Did I Get Google AdSense Approval in 24 Hours

People are often keen to know how to get approved Google Adsense account as the Google Adsense is the most convenient way to monetize a blog or website. Today I am sharing how did I get Google Adsense account approval in 24 hours after applying for a Google Adsense account. You can find many Google Adsense alternatives but make money with Google Adsense is the easiest way. These tips will make sure you never get disapproved after applying for a Google Adsense account for your blog or website.


What is Google Adsense?

                  Google Adsense is an advertisement serving network service provided by Google Inc. After having an approved Google AdSense account, you just need to copy the ad unit code of your desired ad from your Google Adsense account and put on your blog or website to show the advertisement to your visitor. Placing the advertisement code will display several types of advertisement on your blog and website.

                  Types of Advertisement shown by Google Adsense:

1. Advertisement as Text Ads Only. (Link ad in a text only)
2. Advertisement as Display Ads Only. (Will display ads only)
3. Advertisement as Text & Display Ads. (Will show both types of ad)

How does Google Adsense help you make money from your websites?

                  When a visitor visits your blog or website, Google Adsense will start to show advertisement on your web page, Some of the advertisements have impression value revenue sharing, so you make money from ad impression. Some of the advertisements need click by your visitors to earn money from shown advertisement.

                  So, it was just a basic conception about Google Adsense and how do you make money with Google Adsense. Let's are focusing on our most important theorem how do you get approved Google Adsense account.

Requirements To get approved for Google Adsense account:

1. A blog or website

                  Blogger is a free and easily manageable and highly customizable blog platform serviced by Google Inc. Get 15 GB file hosting free with a blogger account. WordPress is another popular free and premium blogging platform with 3 GB file hosting facility. WordPress has a lot of plugin availability which makes blogging more natural and effortless.

                  To apply for a Google Adsense account need at least one running blog or website has an age of 1-6 month (Varies from country to country).

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2. Page Traffic

                  Page traffic is one of the most critical factors to get approved for a Google Adsense. So try to get page traffic an average of minimum 100 in a day. Share your post on your Facebook fan page, Twitter or Google Plus to gather page traffic. It`s far better when traffic comes from organic search rather than a social network share.

3. Unmatched content on the web

                  This one “Unmatched content on the web” is the king who will determine whether your Google Adsense account gets approved or disapproved. Not limiting to the approval of your Google Adsense besides it has a lot of importance in SEO and SERP. So, make sure that your content is unique and related to your blog. Don`t ever try to copy from other websites as it will hurt your SEO as well as SERP. If plagiarism found in your content, Google may ban your blog or website from indexing in the Search engine.

4. Responsiveness of blog or website`s template design.

                  Google has a very appropriate predesigned template for the blogger you can use one them, but the collection is too less. So here is an option for you to choose from free responsive templates available on the Internet. Leave the footer credit intact with the template, if you wish to remove the footer credit then contact the template designer. Responsiveness of blog or website`s template design is very necessary to get approved.

5. More or less 1000 word in the written post.

                  Try write your first 40 posts having around of 1000 word or more word. Google love descriptive and a point to point related post. Look at this post it has almost 1250 word.

6. Write in a proper way that your readers not feel hazards.

                  Write your content in a manner of ABCD not like ACDB. Write in a proper way, A step by step writing will satisfy both your readers and the search engine. Properly maintained article will help you to stand out from the crowd and will take a step ahead to get approved Google Adsense.

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7. Make keyword research before write.

                  Keyword research is the most important thing for the search engine optimization and in the search engine page ranking factor. Make keyword research before writing.Use the Bing webmaster and Google keyword planner are the two free keyword research tools provider.

8. Need at least 40 posts in your blog. (I had 37 posts when applied for Google Adsense account)

                  From my personal experience, I would like to suggest you to apply for Google Adsense account when you have around 40 posts on your blog or website maintaining the above steps.

9. Avoid 3XX, 4XX, 5XX error.

                  300-399, 400-499, 500-599 these kinds of error will lead your blog to downgrade both in the eye of your readers and Google bots. No one will want to visit back to your blog or website which is full of this kind of error. Take help of Google Search Console to find out and resolve is there any error of such type.

10. Check your blog`s mobile friendliness.

                  Check your mobile friendliness before submitting your Google Adsense account approval application. In today's trend, smartphone takes a most valuable position on the web. If you go to the social network site Facebook`s page insight statistics, then you might be surprised to see that more than 80 percent of Facebook users are using Facebook from a mobile device. So, make sure your website or blog is ready with any screen resolution and mobile friendly.

11. Integrate your blog or website with Google Analytic

                  Google analytic will add extra juice to get approved Google Adsense. Later, after getting approval from Google Adsense, there will be an option to link your Adsense account to Google Analytic account. Google analytic account will enable you to understand your reader's behavior on your blog or website. Google analytic has massive features to understand your blog or website`s behavior and performance.

12. Add your blog or website with indexing tools to index in the search engine.

                  Add your blog or website with Google search console to indexing with Google search engine and Bing webmaster to indexing with Bing and Yahoo. Without indexing, no one can able to find your blog or website on the web. So, don`t forget to submit your blog XML sitemap to Google Webmaster tools or other search engines Webmaster tools for indexing. It will add extra juice to get approved Google Adsense.

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13. Implement ad unit on your blog or website

                  This one is the most important and final step to get Full approved Google Adsense account. After signing up with Google Adsense account, they will review your blog or website and activate AdSense.You will get an email from Google Adsense team regarding this. But Google Adsense will not provide original advertisement and get Fully Approved until you implement the Adsense ad code on your blog or website. After implementing Adsense code on your blog or website, Google Adsense will show a blank space in spite of real advertisement. When Google Adsense entirely approves your Google Adsense account application, they will start providing ad where you have implemented the Adsense code.

                  Final word: Maintain these above steps and you will get Approval of your Google Adsense application. Share this with your friend so that they will also take this step before apply for a Google Adsense account. Subscribe Digital Doubt via email or RSS feed or connect us to the social network to get new stuff on the go. Feel free to ask your doubt in the comment box. I`ll be there always.

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