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How to link Your Facebook Account to Twitter Account

How to link Your Facebook Account to Twitter Account

                  Connect Facebook to Twitter is an easy way to update both social network at a time. It is genuinely a cool idea to update tweet on the Twitter with Facebook update status with a single update message. Those are who like to update their Facebook status as well as wants tweet on Twitter with the same message, they should link their Facebook account to twitter account to save time and effort. Here I have another Facebook tips and a step by step screenshot guide on How to link Your Facebook Account to Twitter Account to post a status update, links, photos, notes, event creations, etc. Let's connect Facebook to Twitter.

Facebook Profile To Twitter:

  • Sign into your Facebook account and go to Followers tab from Facebook General settings.
  • On the right side edit the “Twitter-Connect a Twitter Account” to connect Facebook to Twitter.

Followers Tab Screenshot

  • Click on “Link Profile To twitter

Link Profile To twitter

  • Now provide access to your Twitter account so that Facebook will update tweet according to your publicly shared post and updates. If you are not logged in on the Twitter then provide your Twitter account username and password on the “Authorize Facebook to use your account ?” screen and click “Authorize App” button.

Authorize Facebook to use your Twitter Account

  • After authorizing Facebook to use your Twitter account, the page will automatically redirect to the share settings page where to put the tick mark on the respective square box what you want to share on Twitter. Remember only your public post will be shared on the Twitter. Click “Save Changes” to save settings.

Share settings And Save Changes

  • Your Facebook account is now connected to your Twitter account. Somehow if you do not feel comfortable to tweet your publicly shared post via your Facebook Account you can click here to Unlink your Twitter account from your Facebook account. Click on Unlink from Twitter and your Facebook account will be unlinked from your Twitter Account.

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