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Basic Concept About Microsoft Windows Operating System and Computer

It is my first post about Personal computer fundamental. Before we dive into the computer-driven world, we should know the basic about a computer, What is computer and what it does? How computer operated? What is software? What is hardware? It looks like some odd sound if we don`t know the basic of a computer. So let's start with the very beginning.

Basic Concept About Microsoft Windows Operating System and Computer

             What is Computer?

                         In very simple word an electronic device which storing and process data typically in binary form from a sequence of given data. A computer consist of wires, transistors and circuits called hardware and instruction and data to be followed are called software.

             Microsoft Windows is our subject what we are going to discuss. Microsoft Windows is an operating system of PC. It has the various version and initially releases with the publication name XENIX a discontinued version of UNIX licensed by Microsoft in 1970. Later in 1985, Microsoft released MS-DOS (MS = Microsoft, DOS = Disk Operating System) and the most recent version of Microsoft OS is Windows 10. I will later discuss each version in depth.

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                                Other popular variants of Operating System are :

                                              SUN MICROSYSTEM
                                              MAC OS

             Operating System: Operating system (Abbreviated as OS) is the main program which loaded into computer initially by a boot program and manages all other program called application software. In the other word it the main program which creates the communication between hardware and software. The user can interact with operating system trough command or graphical user interface (GUI).

A multitasking operating system can do several services for application:
  • A wide number of an application can be running in a multitasking operating system, and it also determines which application operate at what order or how much time allowed for a specified application before running another application.
  • It manages the internal memory shared access control to an application
  • It communicates with hardware, such as hard-disk, CD-ROM, FLOPPY DISK, or a KEYBOARD and so on.

A computer consists of some hardware like integrated chip, integrated circuit, or memory module, etc. which are controlled by Operating System. A general computer has minimum hardware are RAM, ROM, PROCESSOR, POWER SUPPLY UNIT, and an integrated circuit called as MOTHERBOARD. Definition of some needful equipment are: 

           RAM - RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY =  A memory module which accesses randomly by a computer. RAM is the most common type memory used by every computer or a data processing device. RAM alternately called as system memory, internal memory, primary memory or main memory. RAM is differentiating by access speed
          Eg: DRAM, SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3

                                                            DDR3 4GB RAM

           HARDDISK: A secondary memory but primary storage medium sometimes called as Hard drive, a disk drive used for storing and retrieving data in a digital or binary form on a rotating disk (platter) and coated with magnetic material. The file allocation system for a new operating system is NTFS (New Technology File System) When back in 1977 Microsoft start with conventional version file allocation is FAT(File Allocation Table), and its first utilization was in 1981.

                                              HDD or Hard Disk or Hard Drive

           PROCESSOR: Central processing unit the term is known as the processor which process the given data and make an output, as a result, is an Integrated circuit which resides on the computer. The most common two processor used in Windows OS base computer is INTEL Processor and AMD Processor.

Intel Processor
                                         Intel 4th Generation Core i7 Processor

            MOTHERBOARD: Motherboard is an integrated printed circuit board, or the main board is the foundation for a computer to connect other integrated circuit and peripheral devices to work together. Most popular motherboard making company are ASUS, AMD, HCL, FOXCONN, GIGABYTE, INTEL, etc.

                                                GIGABYTE Motherboard

You may search Wikipedia for a full list of computer hardware manufacturer.

            SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply): SMPS is the power supply unit of a computer which provides a well-regulated power to the load irrespective of input variations. It uses a switching circuit which turned on or off in a very high-frequency current load and gives a stabilize voltage output.

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           MICE (MOUSE): Mice is a pointing device use in a computer to move the cursor on a display device. They are two types; One is mechanical and other is optical mice and connected through either USB port or PS/2 port. Optical mice have now available in two variant wired and wireless. Today optical mice are rapidly used because of low maintenance and smoother operation.

USB Optical Mouse          PS/2 Mouse

                    USB Optical Mouse                                   PS/2 Optical Mouse

           KEYBOARD: Keyboard is a typing input device use in a computer. The keyboard also has both types of connectivity port USB and PS/2. Nowadays wireless keyboards are also available in the market.

PS/2 Wise Keyboard
                                                          Wise PS/2 Keyboard

            MONITOR: Monitor is an output device which displays the user input result. There are several types of monitor available, such as CRT, LCD, LED Monitor.


                                CRT = Cathode Ray Tube
                                       LCD = Liquid Crystal Display
                                               LED = Light Emitting Diode

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