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What successful Blogger Do and Dont

Few month back I have started writing a blog. I thought always blog writing is an easy do a thing. But when I took it seriously and started writing then I came to know the real fact behind be a successful blogger.

           I am using The Internet since 2005 and create blog so many time and delete those blog also or left as it is because of I did not find anything interesting but today I must say that I was wrong before. As well as writing a blog is an interesting thing and much more interesting when you do some customization on your blog.

           I have faced a lot of issue in this few month and understand what is the fundamental problem happen with newbie blogger like me. So I am going to share my personal view in this post. Read carefully it must be helpful if you are new to blog writing.
What successful Blogger Do and Dont

           First of all, I`ll ask you one question What is a blog and why we need it know?

           A blog is a discussion or informational site typically manage by an individual or a small group and published article namely post in chronological order (The most recent post appears on top). A blog may be defining your personal interest, hobby or photography or may some information about latest tech news or may be about Hollywood movie star daily update, etc. blah... which will be published as publicly or user defines a circle.

           So before start writing a blog (Web log) it is advisable to you to choose a subject in which you have depth knowledge. You are sharing your interest or some information publicly so you must want that your content is popular among your reader. When your reader read your post, they can ask you anything regarding your written subject in a post. In this regarding if you are well known about your written subject, then it will be easy to serve a better answer or an easy solution than they expect.

           Conclusion: Choose subject wisely before start writing blog.

           Hope you have chosen your writing topic now you are confused about which blog hosting site will you use. Here I have listed some best free and premium blog writing platform.

           1. Blogger: Blogger is a free blog writing platform own by Google in 2003 and started by Pyra Labs. You can use your custom domain name ( if you are not willing to use your blog with subdomain name as

           2. Wordpress: Wordpress is another best blog writing platform started in 2005. As a free user, you will have half of blogger features, but you can upgrade your account to Premium and get full features from Wordpress.

           3. Tumblr: Tumblr is Yahoo hosted both free and premium blog write platform. Tumblr has a less customization, and you can also pay to Tumblr to get your domain name. It has more than 150 million users till now.

           4. Joomla: We visit a lot of websites daily, some of them published in Joomla, developer use advanced CMS to publish that website in PHP. It has more than 35 million downloads.

           You will find hundred of blog writing platform if you go through a Google search. Choose one from them as your requirement. But as a free user Blogger and Wordpress will be the best I think.

           Choose your domain name wisely before starting. Although you have a choice to change your domain name, stay fixed. Your returning visitor will not avail to reach you if they want to direct access your blog through URL. As of my case I have suffered a lot when changed my domain name and I have lost a lot of visitors.

           The choosing template also is a be cautious matter. Choose a template model which looks like describing your blog is writing about. You will get a lot of free and premium widget if you go through Google search. Besides these, you can hire a professional to design your blog.

           Now I will guide step by step to write your first blog on Blogger

           Step 1: It is mandatory to have Google Account to create a blog with Blogger. Sign into Blogger with your Google account username and password.

Sample Blog

           Step 2: In the Title field put your title what about you writing and in address field chose your blog URL. If your chosen name already exist it will show an error of not available and if not exist then it will show This blog address is available. You can choose a template from blogger default template list or can chose later to design your own. Now select anyone from the list and click on create a blog. Next step is to understand your Dashboard.
Select Theme

           Step 3. Understanding Blogger Dashboard

Blogger Dashboard

           Step 4. You have created blog successfully now what about the reader? So let's get socialize your blog to reach your post to more reader. Yup, no problem we have a solution out there. Share your post social network like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. If you share your post publicly in social network site then probably you get million of a reader. Add a widget to your blog for easy share your post. Bellow is a simple Email subscribe widget adding a step.

           Step 5. It is far better to have Email subscribing widget on the sidebar that readers can subscribe your blog for your newly published post directly get into their mailbox. Most of us used to check regularly mailbox so they will get a mail notification whenever you publish a new post. It will increase your readers count. To add an email subscribe widget go to layout from your blog dashboard click on add a gadget and select Follow by Email from gadget list and configure and save.

Add a gadget to blog

           Step 6. The content of Post: Today if you are surfing the internet you will find millions of website available about the topics you are going to publish. So content is the main thing of your blog. Think before write; write is a simple manner that a reader can easily understand what you are writing about. Do not copy paste from another website otherwise; a Search engine will ignore your post when crawling your page. Several search engine has several algorithms to indexing your blog, post, content, interlink, etc.

           Step 7.  Google analytic: Add your blog with Google Analytic to understand how your blog is reaching to your reader. You can see from which country your visitor visit your blog. How many returning visitor, how many session created or how many page they have read for how much time. Just sign in with your Google account and add your blog as a property.

Google analytic overview

           Step 8. Add your blog to the free Google webmaster tool renamed as Google search console to index your blog to the search engine giant Google, keyword research, error detection and correction, indexing help and so on. The two best free webmaster search console is Bing Webmaster and Google Search Console. Just sign in and add your site, verify ownership of your blog and add a sitemap, all done. Now click on your added site and expand for more settings.

Bing webmaster dashboard

           Now write wisely your post and publish happily. Thank you for reading. You feedback is valuable. Share post if find helpful. Like us on Facebook

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